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Joining the ZWC is a chance to come experience paintball with all the fun of shooting while not being shot at. With all of our guns being securely mounted on the bus it provides an opportunity for all ages to enjoy this one of a kind experience. From the creation of our bus, our scenes, and our zombies we strive to set the bar as The Paintball Thrill Ride.

zombie wrecking crew paintball thrill ride at combat zone paintball park

Welcome to The Zombie Wrecking Crew


Do your part to save humanity!


The Zombie Wrecking Crew is an elite group of people joined together for the sole purpose of taking back the world. Wherever there is an outbreak, an over run city, safe zone, or a battle that is being lost, the ZWC gets called in. We come equipped with our one of a kind ZWC machine mounted with 27 .50cal guns, wrecking plow and enemy eliminating spot lights that turn our specially formulated ammo into tracer rounds. The true strength of the ZWC comes from the volunteers that show up to join us in the fight and we have never lost a fight. All individuals, groups of friends, families, parties and militias are called to join the fight and leave a member of the ZWC.

The Zombies are a com'n! Get on the bus or get left behind...

Zombie wrecking Crew Paintball Thrill Ride Oroville California
2014 Best Game of the Year!

Zombies!!! For Halloween, the ingenious folks behind the Zombie Wrecking Crew equipped an old school bus with 27 paintball guns and drove us through a zombie-infested wasteland on the outskirts of Oroville and let us mow down the undead, and it was amazing!

- Jason Cassidy ,
If you're looking for a family fun event this Halloween weekend... why not try killing zombies?
- Vanessa V., Action News Now
Our family had a wonderful time shooting Zombies... How About a Grinch Wrecking Crew for Christmas?!
- Barbara W.,
My son and I had a great time! you guys did a fantastic job and we can't wait to do it again! Thanks again!
- Scott N.,
Can't wait for next year! Thank you Zombie Wrecking Crew!!!
- Lisa C.,
We had such a great time. I had a really bad week and this was just what i needed for some great stress relief!!!
- Shelly F,


Date & Time

Gates open at 5pm
The ride starts at dark and runs until customers are done.

Oct. 5th through 29th
11 nights of rides
5th 6th 12th 13th 14th 19th 20th 21st 27th 28th 29th

 Like us on Facebook to stay informed.


THE Family Fun Zone $8 kids 2-18, parents free.

(Hay pyramid, Bounce House, games and pumpkins while supplies last)

ZWC Ride $15 no paint

Killer Ride $25 w/100 shots

Elite Ride $30 w/200 shots

Ultimate Ride $50 w/300 shots first ride.
Zombie Hunt & Fast pass

Fast Pass $10
(fast pass will have a separate line and will be go 2 rides to every 1 ride from walk ups)

Paint purchase before ride $10 – 100 shots, $20 – 200 shots, $30 – 400 shots

Paint purchased on bus/ride $10-100 shots

Where is ZWC located?

Silver Dollar Fairgrounds
2357 Fair St.
Chico CA 95928
Use Costco Entrance

What should I expect?

The thrill of shooting live unarmed zombies!

How long is the ride?

The entire experience lasts around 30 minutes.
But don’t be afraid to again!!!

How many rounds of ammo do I get?

 We have 3 paint options with ride:
Killer Ride 100 paintballs
Elite Ride  200 paintballs
Ultimate Ride 300 paintballs

Additional paintballs can be purchased in 100rnd increments at $10 each.

Do I need to buy additional rounds?

While its not necessary to purchase additional rounds, most customers shoot at least 200 rounds. Paint can be purchased with each level of ride as well as during the ride.

Do I need a reservation?

 We do not offer reservations but we do offer a Fast Pass for $10 which is recommended for those of you not wanting to wait in long lines and especially on Saturdays.

Will I get shot with paintballs?

Not even a little bit, you get to shoot at our zombie hordes from the safety of the ZWC armored bus!

Can I bring my own paintball marker?


The Zombie Wrecking Crew is an all inclusive paintball thrill ride, equipped with 27 turret mounted semi-automatic Zombie waxing paintball markers.

What is the age limit to participate in Zombie Wrecking Crew?

There is no specified age limit.

As long as your child is able to safely ride on the bus, aim and shoot a paintball marker then they are allowed on the ride. We leave this up to the parents’ discretion but we do have the right to refuse a child rider if we feel that it may be unsafe.

Parents can also purchase a spot on the bus to accompany their child/children.

What should I wear?

Your best Zombie killing attire!

We recommend that you wear the same clothing you would wear to any outdoor activity.

Will Zombies try to eat me?

We will do our best to keep the undead away but it is a fight so we cannot make any guarantees.

How many Zombie Wrecking Crew Events are there?

The annual 5-6 weekend, Oct-Nov Halloween season event

 Additional events are year by year and include but not limited to Fairs, Com-icons and Corporate outings.

Who are the ZWC and how did it get started?

Professional Paintball Player Thomas Taylor decided to share his love and passion for paintball in a safe fun environment suitable for all ages.

With the help, support and guidance of his wife, parents, kids & friends, Zombie Wrecking Crew was created in 2014 and has been going strong ever since.

We are a family owned and operated business focused on providing the one and only Paintball Thrill Ride!!!

Whats NEW!


   The Zombie hunt is a on foot attraction where you will battle with your peers to take out Zombies with our high tech lasers. Our Zombies will be equipped with pulse emitting weapons that will also damage you but don’t worry we will have areas for you to respawn and keep the fight going. After your hunt you will be able to compare your stats just like playing COD Zombies online!

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